• Gold

    Elante Cafe Gold

    (100% pure instant coffee) Freeze Dried Coffee- Fine Aroma is the choice for superior quality and elegant taste.Our coffee experts have crafted a truly exceptional coffee with a rich yet mild, elegant, and luxurious taste: Elante Cafe Gold. This premium blend is the ideal selection for those who desire luxury and quality in every cup.

  • Classic

    Elante Cafe Classic

    (70% coffee 30% chicory) - Selected from the finest grades of Arabica and Robusta mixed with premium chicory, this is a very special and popular blend in South Indian market. This high-quality product is made from the finest coffee beans. It has a strong taste like South Indian filter coffee.

  • Premium

    Elante Cafe Premium

    (100% pure instant coffee) Agglomerated Coffee – This premium coffee is made from the finest Arabica and Robusta Blend that combines the fine aroma of Arabica with the strong taste of Robusta. It is a very balanced coffee with a smooth and mellow taste.